About Corvectra

Corvectra, Inc. is a privately held Delaware company, incorporated in 2012 and born in Silicon Valley. After incorporation, the company quickly pivoted around growing needs for innovative seAnschutzCampus1nsing technology in multiple sectors, including a dire need for affordable access to healthcare for millions of people in the broken US healthcare infrastructure, and billions of people globally. The realization that the company‘s talent and technology could be brought to bear not only on the US healthcare crisis, but on some of the most challenging engineering problems of our time, led to a change in the company vision, mission, and team. Corvectra’s primary operations moved to Denver, Colorado in August 2014, where we started working with the incubator Innosphere, brought on additional engineering talent, and started participating in the exponential biotech growth in Colorado. We are now reaching out to corporate and university collaborators in bio-science to execute our mission.

 Corvectra’s Vision

Our vision is clear, and bold. We want to change how human beings connect to their health, to each other, and to their world. We want to build technology that expands healthcare access to everyone. We want to provide better tools for the professionals that deliver healthcare.BloodRespiratoryCorvectra’s Mission  

To accomplish our vision, we are driven by a mission to create the most compact and sensitive diagnostic tools in the world and we will build new classes of tools to push the sensing technology envelope. We will engineer this technology to affordably and safely solve the problems that matter the most.

The Corvectra Story

Corvectra started with humble beginnings and from its origins in aerospace, it has grown into a foundry of sensing technology research and development designed to solve some of the toughest challenges of our time. In 2012, four colleagues at Stanford’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory began working from the founder’s small Palo Alto apartment and a nearby Tech Shop to explore designs of a compact, low cost sensing system for the growing economy


of faster, cheaper commercial spacecraft. As the work evolved, a growing crisis inescapably came to the attention of the founding team: the healthcare system in the U.S., and indeed on a global scale, was broken.

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The founders realized that what was worse, the basic science already existed to solve it, but aside from a few pilot programs of truly innovative technologies, the market was littered with an untold number of fitness wearables and mobile apps directed toward consumers as supplemental or informational devices. Few solutions were making it to market that addressed the basic clinical needs, first response needs, and critical care needs of the under-served and economically disadvantaged. What is worse,  there seems to be a toxic trend in these mobile health apps to cut out the very healthcare professionals who are trained to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. HealthcareWait1


With a talented team of engineers, physicians, and advisors in biomedical engineering, physics, and sensor technology, Corvectra is building truly disruptive new compact platforms to address these issues.