The Technology


Corvectra is currently developing Cortemis™, a hand held biosensor designed as a powerful, low cost point of care tool for healthcare professionals. Cortemis™ was designed to solve a very specific problem: to reduce the cost and time required to triage and treat critical care patients, particularly with regard to real time access to critical diagnostic tests.


Cortemis™ will give trained healthcare workers the ability to perform a suite of non-invasive complex clinical diagnostics at 5x less cost, and in a fraction of the time, than current standards. Cortemis™ will also provide valuable data to healthcare workers when the early detection and management of disease is essential to patient well-being.

What makes Cortemis™ unique is a proprietary sensor technology without equal, that will allow non-invasive measurement of a variety of vital signs and biometrics in real time, that overcomes the challenges associated with tissue depth, motion artifact, and melanin concentration that plague competing technologies.


Additional sensing technology is being developed at Corvectra to serve environmental, aerospace, and biomedical sensing research needs.

Regulatory and Marketing Disclaimer: Corvectra has started down a regulatory pathway for Cortemis™ with our CRO and we are in the planning stages of a human pilot study with a clinical trial sponsor that will validate our technology in human patients. After this human pilot study, Corvectra plans to seek FDA approval of Cortemis™, but at this time Cortemis™ is not FDA approved to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition in human patients. The statements made on this website about Cortemis™ are intended to illustrate features we have designed into our pre-clinical technology model, which we have validated through feasibility studies including self-funded pre-clinical animal studies, as well as bench top tests with tissue models and NIST traceable calibration sources.